It all started in 2013, when, after thinking about it for a long time and with great desire, my father founded the Aulet natural cream as we know it today.
Well, it didn't actually all start there. My father always told us as children how his godfather, Rafel Aulet, used to make it. This cream has always been part of our lives, passing by from generation to generation within our family and for that reason the name, our lineage . Our ancestors always worked in the fields, far from everything and with very few resources. They never lacked this cream to answer any health problem that might arise. A cream with basic ingredients, which with the alchemy of those who prepare it , becomes one magic cream . A recipe that could not be kept in a corner of his memory, or so my father thought.

I will never forget the image of him in front of a pot, stirring very patiently with his wooden spoon, which would become a wonder that would help many people. We grew up seeing and knowing many people who came to the house because they knew its properties and they were regular users. The rest came to the house for the first time, on the recommendation of others. Experiences that reaffirmed that it was not just any cream, it was a very special cream .

During my teenage years, it came the day . The day I had the privilege of power learn the secret of the family recipe. At the time I was not aware of the responsibility that this entailed. Today, as a mother, I imagine the day I can pass it on to my children with the same love that I felt.

Then, after a few years, it all started this adventure . We started with lots of excitement, desires and very limited financial resources. These years we have encountered many obstacles that have discouraged us at many times, to the point of thinking if it is worth continuing. Despite this, along the way, we met wonderful people who have helped us without having to do so. And here we continue, fighting for this dream, with the conviction that this cream deserves all our effort .

With all this good energy and love preceding it, here we are  another generation of the Aulet family , fighting for this family project that he started to last over time.

get to know us

James Aulet

I grew up in the countryside, it was when my passion for nature and animals was born. During my youth I tried to follow in my father's footsteps as a farmer. But due to the vagaries of life I had to give up that path and dedicate myself to another completely different sector. Although, I have never given up on continuing to enjoy everything that the countryside gives us. In recent years, I have also devoted time to my other great passion, energy therapy. Although my biggest challenge in life has been to create this family project.

Joana Aina Aulet

From a very young age we have always attracted a lot of attention, everything related to health. Guess that's why I decided to study nursing. When my father took the first step in this project, I was always clear, it was what I wanted in my life. In addition, now that we are also mothers, I am very aware of the importance of taking care of the family tradition and that it continues over time.

  • Small family business

    We are a very small family business. We started with great desire, completely from scratch and with many limitations due to our limited financial resources. Starting was a huge effort for the whole family.

    Currently, we continue to fight so that this project can last over time.

  • Own production

    It should be noted that it is a characteristic of the product that gives it great importance. We carry out all the processes from 100% production to distribution. This has caused us many moments of nerves and disillusionment. We have been subject to requirements that have often destabilized us financially, being such a small company..

  • 100% natural and not tested on animals

    We are lovers of nature and our four-legged friends. It has never been tested on animals. Our experience goes back 100 years. What's more, we've never made any distinctions and whenever our pets, like us, have had an injury, intervention... we've used it to calm them down. That's why we know that dogs really like its taste.

  • Quality ingredients

    All the ingredients we use are of great quality and value. Like, for example, virgin olive oil, which comes from the Serra de Tramuntana, a World Heritage Site and with millenary olive trees. It should be noted that this is not a cream with common olive oil, it is a cream with more than 80% of its composition of virgin olive oil..

  • Promotion of the local and national economy

    We have tried that all the material and ingredients to make the cream are from local businesses. And those that have not been possible for us, come from national businesses.

    When we started with the project, we came face to face with the reality of living on an island. A beautiful island, with many resources, but with an economic handicap as everything has to be arrived by sea or air. That's why we decided to give priority to local suppliers.

    We have always given great importance to local and local business in order to encourage work around us. For this reason, we started direct sales of the product through small businesses in different sectors.

  • Willingness to improve

    In our beginning, due to our few financial resources, we had to adapt to some things that we would have liked to have been different from the beginning.

    We know that there are many things to improve and become more and more sustainable in the environment. This will be our goal if we have the opportunity to continue with the project.